Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coffee number 2

Castro's Kiosk
University of Melbourne

Small Skinny Latté - $3

A good friend of mine is down in Melbourne for a conference this week, so we meet up at our old haunt for coffee. Castro’s Kiosk at Melbourne Uni was our Central Perk, our Café Nervosa, our Monk’s Café. I’m not sure exactly how many coffees I’ve bought here over the years, but I know it’s a lot.

My standard uni drink was a skinny latté, and I have dabbled with their hot chocolates (notably their yummy mint flavour), mochas, and a surprisingly tasty caffeine and dairy free concoction called “LSD” – latté with soy and dandelion.

Best coffee on campus.


Cindy said...

Yep, this place is good! Their loyalty cards are great, with your first bonus (a chocolate) coming as soon as your third drink. :-)

Also worth a visit on campus is kerekere, which has an excellent ethical outlook.

Sarah Nicole said...

I'm in love with that cup! Get it, Castro for Cuba and the baseball player for Cuba as well. Wouldn't Fidel be proud?! Eh... just kidding. Love the new blog by the way. I'm a coffee addict myself. Though I finally stopped drinking it in the mornings and now just drink it as a little treat. Yum!

Sarah said...

Wow Cindy, kerekere looks awesome! It's a shame it only appeared after I graduated! I used to spend HEAPS of time in the John Medley building!! I loved Castro's little free freddo frogs! If you have coffee eat-in, not take-away, they give you a tiny teddy or other little biscuit.

Thanks Sarah N! I'm trying to cut down my coffee and have it as a treat now. Only one every second day, and I'm trying to make sure I only get good coffees, so that I enjoy the taste! Not just the caffeine :)

xox Sarah