Thursday, July 31, 2008

Melbourne's falling newspaper standards leave me feeling "depresso"

**Not strictly a "Coffee of the Week", but definitely coffee-related**

That's a pic of me, back in wintry Germany, drinking a nice warm white mocha at Starbucks Viernheim.

In yesterday's Age newspaper there were a few articles about Starbucks. If you haven't yet heard, they're closing 70% of their Australian stores. For all affected Starbucks' employees, this must seriously suck. However, what caught my eye about one of the articles wasn't the big economic news, or even the insight into Melbourne's coffee culture. It was the hilariously bad title and captions:

Bean and gone, espresso turns to depresso (Get it, get it??) by Michael Shmith (sic)

The accompanying photo is of a young person drinking a Starbucks coffee, with the caption:
"A long black day at Starbucks".


Get it? Because a long black is a type of coffee, but "a long black day" also means that Starbucks is having a tough time. Clever huh??? Not!

We were cracking up yesterday reading the papers over breakfast. It seems that people are paid to write what is essentially the journalistic equivalent of a dad joke.

More Starbucks-related articles available here.

Coffee Number 10

Sette Bello
Corner Hardware Lane & Lt Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9670 7070

This morning, I was early for a high-powered business meeting (no, really), so I wandered down Hardware lane and stopped in at sette bello. I’d read about it on Claire’s and Mellie’s blogs, and it looked right up my alley, so to speak.

They had a divine array of pasticcini, biscotti and savouries (pizzette, bread etc.) I loved the presentation of the food, and the retro-cool décor. I settled in with a short macchiato (usually I drink lattes, but I felt that my new suit deserved a corresponding upgrade in coffee-chic) and a fantabulous cannoli, filled with chocolate-studded ricotta. Amazing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Work, study, home. I’ve settled into a set routine. Here are some of the more interesting coffees of recent times.

Top Row L-R:
Custom-made Skinny Latte (S for S-arah)
2 white mochas at South Melbourne Pier
Attempt at coffee art on the home espresso machine

2nd Row L-R:
Home latte with my homemade choc & almond biscotti
Large latte at Babble Cafe on Greville St
Expensive-restaurant style latte at Conservatory in Crown

Bottom Row L-R:
Latte with choc cupcake @ Mario's on Glenferrie Rd
Latte w awesome chocolate profiterole at Jones the Grocer in Doncaster Shoppingtown
Ooh - coffee art!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On Hiatus

On Hiatus until after Mum's birthday.