Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coffee number 4

Flavours of Lakhoum
175 Swan Street, Richmond 3121 Vic
(03) 9425 9805

Cafe Latté - $3.20

Dontcha just love that coffee art?

Flavours of Lakhoum’s Barista, Chris Phillips, draws the cutest little faces in his coffees. I think his regular picture is a curly-haired female face, but we got a special one – a face with a hat, just like my lovely friend Markii who was also wearing a hat. You should have heard the excited squeals we gave when it arrived. What dorks! It tasted good too – very important. I’ve heard that during busier periods, not every coffee comes decorated. We’re lucky it was quiet when we went. One of the benefits of not working 9-to-5!


injapan said...

That was some cool looking coffee!!

Jaye said...

Your photos are great - and I like your little coffee reviews!