Monday, August 4, 2008

Looking for your Starbucks fix?

If the sudden closure of so many Starbucks stores has got you longing for your Venti-Oreo-Frappuccino or your Grande-Skim-White-Mocha, or you're an American tourist who just wants "my double-tall-latte, people!", here are the 5 locations that will remain in Melbourne.

295 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 (Yup, the big one full of Asian students between Lonsdale and Latrobe St)
674 Glenferrie Centre Shop 1 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, 3122 (Yup, the small one full of Asian students near Swinburne University, and full of rich kids from the high concentration of nearby private schools)
Melbourne Airport (No points for guessing why that one remains)
207 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 (It's not in a particularly student-y location, but I'm gonna guess that the tourists around this hotel/theatre area keep it going).
Shop 8, Midtown Plaza, 194 Swanston St, Melbourne (Again, in the heart of Asian-student town)

And for interest, here's a great article from a Singaporean living in Melbourne up on Melbourne Metblogs.


cat_in_japan said...

Good riddance! Their coffee sucks; its taste and texture is like water mixed with dirt.

The only thing Starbuck's has going for itself is their green tea frappacinos.

- Sarah C's cousin

cat_in_japan said...

I like being quoted; it makes me feel important!