Friday, December 19, 2008

Coffee Number 16

***Getting through the backlog***

Tea Leaves

380 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road
Sassafras VIC

Cinnamon Frangelico coffee beans (ground for plunger) - $9.35 for 200g

Whilst in Germany, one thing I fell in love with (apart from giant supermarkets, kuchen, Christmas Markets, barbecues…) was SheepWorld. He’s so frikkin cute! I love his motto: "Ohne dich ist alles doof". (Without you, everything is stupid). Adorable! I got a Sheepworld Espressoset for a gift, containing 2 Tassen und 2 Unterteller, and these baby-cups were perfect for sampling some new Cinnamon Frangelico flavoured coffee beans from Tea Leaves in Sassafrass we’d bought. Fabulous. The flavour was subtle, yet present, and without the sweetness you’d get from flavour syrups. A slightly more refined Christmas treat than a gingerbread frappucino.

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